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KAB Industries has garnered a great deal of fame as being the most promising group when it comes to supplying a range of quality oils in bulk quantities and in formulating them to make fragrant perfumes and attars. We are capable in supplying a range of oils such as pure super quality Agarwoudh oil(Oudh), Agarwood(Oudh) , Sugandh Mantri (Gandhi Roots) , and Patochali oil among others and such oils are of superior quality as well. As a result, the age old skill and indepth knowledge of the field has got us great accolades in the field our products are widely in demand overseas, such as Gulf region, France and in other European countries too. Besides, we also supply such natural oils of extremely superior quality and in any length of quantity as specified by the clients, for example, upto 100 tones or lesser or more than this.


Although KAB industries, as an organization was incepted in the year 1994 when Mr. Mohd. Kalamdhar Ali and Mr. Iftikar Ahmed floated this company but the roots of such perfumery understanding and fragrant dexterity are pretty deeper than this and goes back to the year 1935. In this year, Late Mr. Hassan Ali launched a limited business of perfumery in Assam which swiftly thrived on the back of his excellent understanding and ability of testing and analyzing a range of perfumery oils and substances.

Hence, in the present times, their brilliant and worldly-wise heirs are taking the rich legacy forward and implement such decades old experience and towering skills that are invested in developing exclusive quality of attars and enchanting perfumes. KAB Industries has now become a renowned name in the ever expansive attar field and they have earned a great fame in the field. From beginning, sheer determination, planning and diligent hard-work have been the fundamental behind the success of this group which has become a household symbol of quality and trust.

A brief description of such illustrious legacy is as follows:

In 1935, Late Mr. Hassan Ali founded an perfume refinery shop in Assam, Then, in 1965, Mr Tarmuj Ali, who was son of Mr. Hassan Ali took over as the owner, In 1985, Haji Harris who was son of Mr. Tarmuj Ali came to forefront, In 1992, Mr. Kalamdhar, son of Haji Harris Ali became owner and then from then, in 1994, present CMD, Mr. Mohd. Kalamdhar Ali and Mr. Iftikar Ahmed(MD) son of Mr. Mohd. Kalamdhar Ali resumed their work of glorified expansion.


Since beginning, the earnest dream of Mr. Kalamdhar was to provide delightful range of explicit perfumes and attars to Indian society and to strengthen their spiritual being through such fragrant virtue. Hence, KAB Industries has strongly adhered to such initial tenets of the great founder, Mr. Kalamdhar and we are progressive in our sales and swift production.

State of Art Infrastructure:

Huge sum is invested in securing world class labs, infrastructure with delicate testing and formulating apparatus and a clean and germ free high-tech go-downs. Hence, with such resources and massive skills and dedication, a kaleidoscope of export quality attars and perfumes are stored, developed and packed and we are still relentless in our efforts provide quality items and to swiftly cater to fragrant demands which are recorded and registered in our office from every corner of the world.




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