Weight : 100ml

₹ 2,000.00
₹ 1,800.00


The making of shamama fragrance oil involvesthe hydro distillation of saffron, agarwood and other herbs and spices. In brief, it contains properties of 75 different herbs. That is why the oil emanates a rich and earthy fragrance. It can be blend with sandalwood, amber, jasmine, musk and ylangylang oils to get an exotic aroma.


Shamama fragrance oil is exhaustively used for a variety of purposes that include aromatherapy, body massage, skincare, relaxation of mind and body. Its rich ingredients shield our body from excessive freezing temperatures and cold breeze. Due to its fascinating and sweet fragrance, it is exuberantly used in the making of cosmetic products, perfumes, shower gels, etc.

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