Double Super Muri

Double Super Muri

Weight 100gm

₹ 19,000.00
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It is considered to be the most prominent wood from scent formulation point of view and it basically hails from trees in the genus Aquilaria. It is also known by a host of other names such as agarwood, aloeswood, eaglewood, gaharu, agalocha or oudh ( as in Arabic language).  It is basically a resinous heartwood which prevails in trees that hail from, (as mentioned above) the species of, Aquilaria, Aetoxylon, which is a symeatalum and the Gonystylus genus which relates to the botanic clan of Thymelaeceae.

Hence, such a precious natural gift is widely used for formulating the top grade incense sticks for centuries now and in China, its smell is extensively being hailed as the sweetest and the most soul touching aroma in truest forms which is bestowed upon the mankind. The scents and incense sticks which are widely being developed with such Agarwood substance are the most preferred items to be used during the spiritual occasions. Besides, the ever precious Agarwood is also the most significant part and parcel of scores of modern pharmacopoeias while is also used from centuries now and it is said that the Chinese doctors still rely upon it for treating colds and to meet the health issues of digestion and nausea. Moreover, oil which is impeccably extracted from Agarwood is pretty fragrant and is still used as the most decent perfume in scores of Gulf countries.

As such, the creation of Oudh occurs as a reaction to fungal onslaught and trees which get infected with a parasite mould release such protective oil into the bitten or affected areas such as roots, branches or in some sections of the trunks) while such a juice or oil is considered to be extremely fragrant in its formulation. With due course of time, such oil drops become too hard and their texture undergoes a swift change as well, i.e. from light brown to dark brown and then to black. Hence, such affected portions of the tree are cut in the hope that they would bear some truly genuine oil extracts in them that would produce more of such resinous wood.

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