Ruh Gulab

Ruh Gulab

Weight : 100ml

₹ 2,000.00
₹ 1,800.00


The virtues of rose have been sensually defined by poets and lovers. It is erotically sensual and palatial. However, this flower is undoubtedly more than just the fragrant petals. RuhGulab (Rose oil) is extracted from rose plants and it offers an array of potential benefits both physiologically and psychologically. It is abundantly used in aromatherapy.


RuhGulab oil can play a significant role in reducing pain in patients who have had surgery. It stimulates the brain to release endorphins which is also known as feel good hormone. It consists of antibacterial and antifungal properties which are reckoned effective against microbes that cause infections. Moreover, it also stimulates the sex drive and eases depressive symptoms.

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